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Andrew Constant
Biographical information
Died: N/A
Nationality: Mini australia.gif Australian
Occupation: Writer
Website: N/A

Andrew Constant, is an Australian comic book writer known for his award winning and award nominated work for two of Australia’s largest comic book publishers, Frew Publications (Kid Phantom, as well as other upcoming stories in Phantom's Universe), and Gestalt Comics (Torn, Broken Line, Fly). Andrew recently wrote a miniseries for DC Comics, The Demon: Hell is Earth, which won Best Graphic Novel of 2018 at the The Australasian Horror Writers Association Shadow Awards.

Phantom work by Andrew Constant


Frew stories

# Title Writer Artist
1 "Revenge of the Sky Band" Constant Paulos
2 "The Triads, Part 6: Return of the Tiger Queen" Constant Felmang

Kid Phantom

# Title Writer Artist Comment
1 "Departures" Constant Mason
2 "Stormy Seas" Constant Mason
3 "Quick Stop" Constant Mason
4 "New York, New York" Constant McKenna
5 "London Invaded" Constant Mason
6 "The Ghost & the Elephant" Constant Brouwer prose story
7 "Kids in the City" Constant Mason
8 "Go West, Young Man" Constant Mason
9 "Man's Best Friend" Constant Mason
10 "“Origin” - Jungle Friends" Constant unknown
11 "Comic Book Hero" Constant Mason
12 "Welcome Home" Constant Mason


# Title Writer Artist Comment
1 "Coming Home" Constant Paulos