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Aalborg Stiftstidende was a Danish newspaper that published "The Phantom" daily strip.


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In the end of the 1940s, Aalborgs Stiftstidende became part of a controversy. A 16-year old boy in Aalborg had shot and robbed a shopkeeper. During the act the boy had worn a mask. The chief of police claimed that the boy was inspired by the "Phantom" strip published in Aalborgs Stiftstidende. When the boy explained in interrogations that he was not aware of the Phantom since his family did not buy any newspaper. The police persisted, and suggested he had seen the Phantom in Skipper Skræk, which the boy admitted could be possible.

The chief of police was good friends with the editor of Aalborg Amtstidende which was the main competitor of Aalborgs Stiftstidende. The editor wrote an editorial where he condemned the brutal Phantom strip. He called to a town meeting, to which Bulls Presstjänst in Stockholm sent Willy Falkman as representative. Bulls distributed The Phantom strip on behalf of KFS in the Nordic countries, but they also distributed other strips such as "Blondie" which was published by Amtstidende.

At the meeting, the editor of Amtstidende held a speech where he presented a resolution for the meeting to sign, which would not only condemn the Phantom strip but also anyone who published it (i.e. his main competitor Stiftstidende). At this point, Falkman took the stage and presented a letter from the same editor, only 11 days old, where he cancelled their subscription of "Blondie" and asked Bulls to provide samples of a more exciting strip - preferably something in the vein of "The Phantom"!

This ended the meeting and no resolution against "The Phantom" was signed. Days later, the editor of Amtstidende asked for their subscription of "Blondie" to be resumed, to which Bulls replied that the strip had already been sold to another newspaper in Denmark. This was of course Aalborgs Stiftstidende, which now published both "The Phantom" and "Blondie".1

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